Local Food Search in Yangon

I had spent an enjoyable weekend in Yangon during last week. I had some delicious local food along my trip. I would like to recommend those food in this post.

  1. Feel Myanmar
    I had visited this local restaurant for second time and I am still love the food there. This time I had lunch at Feel Myanmar. It served local homey and comfort dishes. You will finger point at the dish you want and they would serve them to your table. By default, they will serve you white rice, a plate of vegetable salad, yellow bean soup and coconut jelly dessert. I personally strongly recommend the curry meat category. I had beef curry and mutton curry with yellow bean. The beef curry tasted fantastic with the aroma of curry and the tender beef. It tasted very close to “Beef Rendang” a kind of Malay cuisine.


  2. YKKO Kyay-Oh & BBQ
    Kyay-Oh – pronounced as “Jae O”, Burmese style noodle soup with pork and egg. It is indeed a very familiar taste to Asians. I had Kyay-Oh in a chained restaurant “YKKO” in a newly built Junction City Shopping Mall. Other than noodle soup, the restaurant also served dried noodle with onion oil. I like the dry version pretty much.

    Website: http://www.ykko.com.mm/
    Location: 5th Floor, Junction City Shopping Mall in Yangon

  3. Golden Duck
    A Burmese Chinese restaurant serving the Chinese cuisine with their signature dish – Roasted Duck. It is a popular restaurant to have Chinese cuisine and also a wedding dinner ceremony venue for the locals. Unlike the strong flavor that usually Malaysians like, their dishes are well balanced with mild flavor and spices. Overall they are worth to tried in Yangon.IMG_4509IMG_4512IMG_4510IMG_4511
    Location:Kan Taw Mingalar Garden Compound Shwedagon, Yangon, Myanmar
  4. Oriental House Restaurant – Dim Sum Breakfast Restaurant
    Another local’s favourite to have breakfast in the morning. The way it served the dim sum was different from Malaysia and Hong Kong. In Malaysia or Hong Kong, the waiter pushes a kitchen trolley with the dim sum for you to choose and pick them up to put on the table. Whereas, in Myanmar, waiter brings all the dim sum to your table and you take whatever you like. Each steamer basket with at least one dim sum being eaten will be counted and untouched dim sum will be return later.
    The taste were delicious, less greasy and less salty than the dim sum we have in Malaysia. The chinese tea was also smooth and smell good. It is a great place to have breakfast like a local.

    Location: 126-A Myomakyaung Street, Dagon Township, Yangon


There are more delicious Burmese local food in Yangon for me to explore. It was indeed a great and pleasant experience to try the local Burmese food during this trip! I hope you can try them as well when you visit Yangon.


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