Unphogettable food in Ho Chi Minh

Vietnamese food was absolutely yummy and worth to try. I will share with you the food I had during my trip to Saigon for 4 day 3 nights.

Pho – the Vietnamese national food, champion of champion! It is a noodle soup with broth, rice noodles, herbs and meat. You can find any restaurant anywhere selling only pho, be it small local restaurant or foreigners-friendly chain shop with English menu. We had beef meat balls and beef pho, fried minced pork spring rolls and ending with mango sticky rice dessert. Totally just ‘pho’ ourselves, awesomepho day!

Quan Bui – A Vietnamese restaurant with excellent food and atmosphere. It has high reviews in TripAdvisor and there were many customers having meal there. We happened to visit this restaurant as it is very near our hotel. It turned out a fabulous experience. The food tasted really good and flavorful with sophisticated technique for each dishes, it had very much of Chinese flavour, so we really dig it. We had our dinner twice in this shop for 2 different days!


Seafood Lunch set during Mekong Delta Tour – One of the highlight of the trip, prepared by local river villagers. We had fish rolls with rice paper, fried rice, sticky rice cake, prawn, vegetables and soup.


Bánh mì – Vietnamese baguette sandwich stuffed with bbq porks! Perfect for breakfast or snacks.


cà phê đá – Vietnamese ice coffee. It had strong flavour of coffee without ice, just like an espresso. The process of making it was fun too. First, I was served a small cup with a tiny metal container-liked filter, dripping the dark roast Vietnamese coffee. Once dripping was done, I had a few sips of it and it tasted like espresso. Next pour that coffee to the glass with load of ice. Tada~ the ca phe da for the day!


Noodles in Ben Thanh market – It was like a hawker center in wet market in Singapore. Food are good but there was no air condition. We had beef noodles, prawn dry noodles and cendol mix!

Banh trang tron nuong – Grilled rice paper stuffed with fillings. It was a snack food from street. The filling was mix of vegetables, egg and minced meat. Then it was wrapped with rice paper and later had it grilled. The texture was good with crunchy rice paper. The filling was well seasoned with sources and spices from South East Asia. I would like to have another bite of this next time.


I am really looking forward to next trip to Vietnam again and hunt for more unphogettable food!


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