Driving around Jeju – Day 2,3

Even though Jeju island is just an island, it offers many things than expected to experience, be it the food, cultural or natural scenery. In Day 2, we mainly focused on the southern side of Jeju. Below is our route path driving in Jeju for 3 days.JejuStrategy

A traditional market in South Korea reveals its historical and cultural values of the town. It is the perfect place to witness its value of the town. We went to Maeil Olle Market in Seogwipo / 서귀포매일올레시장 with a mission: to hunt the fried chicken which appeared in travel show. The name of this market means come here everyday literally. There were wide variety of shops selling sea food, groceries, fruits, vegetables, meats and etc. As tourist, you can find the famous Hallabong orange, Hallabong chocolates, souvenirs and food. I liked the Hallabong orange juice which were sold everywhere. You can spot some long queue on food stalls. After spending some time to find the shop, we manage to locate the shop and order 1 whole fried chicken! Remember its name: Manong chicken/마농치킨. Nevertheless, it was a pleasant shopping experience.

Due to the endless rain, we did not visit much places on second day. So I will skip to places on day 3! The first attraction we visited on day 3 was Seongsan Ilchulbong, the UNESCO heritage site. It is a tuff cone formed by underwater eruption 5000 years ago. Since it is on the east coast of Jeju, people climb to the top mountain to view the sunrise. It is a good chance to burn those fat underneath the skin to get to the top of the mountain.

There are many new attraction were built in the island. One of the is the coffee theme park. It happened that we passed by a beautiful coffee theme park, so we decided to stop the car and satisfy our curiosity. It is called Blue Mountain Coffee Theme Park. Other than the coffee to drink, it has coffee making experience session, leg washing with coffee session and etc! The place itself are quite big with 3 different floors and other buildings, so you can spend a lot of time over there and most importantly, it is FREE!

We regretted that we did not visit Soesokkak Estuary/쇠소깍 because of the rainy weather. It is definitely our must visit place if we will visit Jeju again. Here is the link about Soesokkak. It needs to make reservation for the transparent kayak experience!


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