Driving around Jeju Island – Day 1

I visited Jeju with school trip when I was studying Korean Language with bunch of Malaysian fellows. Last year summer, I went to Jeju again but touring the beautiful island by driving a rented car! Since attractions in Jeju are scattered across the island, it would be good to rent a car and start your journey with your own pace.

I bought a local low cost air flight – Jin Air for KRW40, 000/USD 40 departed from Kimpo airport. There are more flights with cheaper price and different schedule. After landed the jeju airport, I went to rent car center and collect my rented car. It was a Hyundai Avante costed me around KRW50,000. The first place me and companion went was Osulloc Tea Museum. It is far from city centre, located at west of the island. Unlike typical museum, it is more like a tea house, serving their manufactured green tea and green tea cakes, providing a very cosy environment cafe. It has a very good greenery view of tea farms in front of the museum where everybody taking sweet photo. Highly recommended to visit this tea house.

Next we went to Camellia Hill – a camellia arboretum with thousands of camellia trees. It is not far from Osulluc tea museum. Camellia Hill is popular places among the young couples, a great place to hang out and also take photos to capture the sweet moments. It was really beautiful, camellia is everywhere with different species or colors. It really worth your time and money! Always choose weekday to go as you will find it hard to take photos when it is crowded.

Without wasting much time of the sunny weather, we drove to visit Jusangjeollidae/주상절리. It is a cliff formed by volcanic pillars of rocks from the Hallasan Mountain. It became a cultural monument of Jeju. I like this place as I could hear the sound of ferocious waves slapping the cliff of rocks, making you feel peaceful. The breezy wind makes you feel cosy and the breathing the fresh air as if having your repository channel purified.

Before we called it a day, we went to Cheonjiyeon Waterfall/천지연폭포. It is located west south of Jeju island. Its name in Chinese character suggests as if the waterfall stream that connects the sky and land. It is a popular tourist attraction and there is a wooden platform where we can capture the magnificent scenery of the waterfall. Indeed it is a nice place to relax.


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