Wandering around Saint Petersburg, Russia

Another city that I visited in Russia is Saint Petersburg. It is located far west of Russia, closer to North Europe like Finland. It is cultural capital of Russia empire with rich history for century. The weather was chilly though it was summer and day time is longer than night. I felt more relax in this city in comparison to Moscow. Saint Petersburg is quite popular city for tourist, hence can always see tourists from the west here and there.

Due to the work again, I could only spend few hours to enjoy exploring the city. Nevertheless it was a pleasant experience to wander around Saint Petersburg.

The very first and famous attraction is Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood. Similar outlook to the St Basil Church in Moscow, it was built in 19-century on the memorial of Tsar Alexender II fatal assassin attempt. Many tourists gathered in front of it, coaches parking nearby, souvenir selling stalls were here and there, a very crowded and busy street in deed.

In case you want somewhere quiet and get away from the hectic city, there is Summer Garden nearby. It is free entry and quite big to walk from one end to another. The garden was built in 1700s by Dutch gardener. There are many European statues, mini gardens, fountain, plants and pond with ducklings.

Last but not least, museum lover can visit Hermitage Museum, one of the largest museum in the world, founded since 1700s. I think I would spend a 3 hours to tour this big ass museum if I have enough of time. Too bad, I needed to catch flight on that day, so did not managed to enter inside. Nevertheless, looking from outside itself was already breathtaking! Would be my top list to visit if I visit Saint Petersburg again.



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