Winter Toyota – in Osaka

It has nothing to do with Toyota, but it definitely has something to do with winter! Japan is warmer than South Korea. So it was not very bad to spend winter in Japan with occasional chilling wind. Moreover it is dry during winter thus the blue sky is always clear without much of clouds – perfect weather for outdoor photo shooting!

I had visited Osaka and Kyoto for 4 days and 3 nights. Below is the itinerary of the trip:
Day 1 – Arrive in Kansai in the afternoon. Visited Dotonbori and the night scene is the best to start the journey.
Day 2 – Took express train to Kyoto, visited Fushimi Inari, Kiyozumi temple, Gion.
Day 3 – Visited Kinkakuji and took express train back to Osaka. Visited Osaka Castle, Umeda Tower.
Day 4 – Visited Kuromon market, Tsutenkaku. Took express train back to Kansai.

In order to travel easily within the city, I had packed minimum stuff and managed to visit places with belonging and check-in the hotel at night.

I will share the places and foods in Osaka within this post. Osaka is a large port city and easy to commute within the city though you might get confused with its busy subway network. I definitely recommend to hunt for street food in Osaka, especially in Dotonbori, but beware that some shop will charge higher price. There were some small but with nice atmosphere pub house which is a great place to get some sake and relax to spend the rest of the day.

Besides the mouth-watering street food, the Kuromon market is an interesting place to visit. Similar to South Korea’s traditional market, it sells all kind of goods but mainly the seafood. I saw a full corner of dead puffer fish waiting for buyers to be served on the dining table. Like South Korea’s traditional market, you can buy the fried stuff such as tempura and squids in the market.

For the admiration of japanese architecture, Osaka Castle is a great place to hang out. It has a huge park that one can walk around. Remember to take a photo in front of the iconic castle!

Lastly, Tsutenkaku is a great place to find out the memories of 80s or 90s. There were many shops seems old and most importantly never miss the delicious deep fried meat and veges – kushikatsu! Make sure you check the price tag before entering the shop.

Ah! More about the food was posted in my previous post!


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