Traveling to Michigan – Part 3 – Watching NBA live in The Palace of Auburn Hills

I am a huge fan of NBA, started to follow closely from season 2013/2014. I even subscribed the NBA league pass for whole season. I always dream of visiting the NBA stadium and watching the NBA stars to play in a match. In 30 October 2015, it became true.

My business trip was to work in a office in Auburn Hills. Lucky enough that the NBA regular season 2015/2016 just get started on late October so I got myself a NBA ticket! Getting a hint from the friendly colleague who works there, I bought the ticket of Detroit Piston vs Chicago Bulls from stubhub with the seat in the right center for $200+!

After finish working at 5 30, I drove straight to the home stadium of Detroit Piston – The Palace of Auburn Hills.
img_1741 Being there for the first time, it was really really exciting. Entering the stadium, validating tickets and had security clearance, I was caught amazed by the street food kinda restaurants, NBA merchandise shops, cheerleaders who cheerfully heat up the atmosphere.

The stadium itself felt like a carnival event, surrounded by the high quality sound systems and huge wide screen on top. It looked like the event hosted in a boxing match or WWE show with ring in the center and huge display on top and loud surrounded speaker playing the music with the loudest volume.img_1744

The audiences slowly filled up the stadium and the match started with very entertaining manner to introduce the star players of both away and home team. The heavy beats of the bass of the sound system made my adrenaline pump furiously and there I was to watch my very first NBA match in LIVE!img_1745img_1758

Derick Rose handling the ball


It did not get boring for a single second even during the 10 minutes resting time after first half finished. There was very cheerful performance from the artist academy.img_1766img_1767img_1768img_1769img_1770

And of course the loving moment of kiss cam!

It was a long match night which the home team Detroit Piston beat the Chicago Bulls after the overtime.img_1787img_1791

What a great night! Looking forward to the next chance!


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