Traveling to Michigan – Part 2 (Downtown Detroit)

I went to Detroit city, the biggest city in Michigan state, for a day trip again. The famous attraction would be the Detroit International Riverfront itself! Along the path, there were tons of places to wander around, such as Hart Plaza, GM plaza, Milliken State Park and etc.

Unlike downtown like Seoul, Singapore, Tokyo, this part of city was less crowded therefore make it perfect for hassle-free city tour. But be prepared getting your food exhausted as the route was really long.

There were continuous development along the way and you can get more info from Detroit Riverfront Conservancy website. Starting from the east:

Uniroyal Site
Undergoing some development. There was a small hill with grass which provides a great spot to have a wide view of the city.

Milliken State Park Lakehouse
A 63 foot lighthouse built in William G. Milliken State Park and Harbor.

Milliken State Park and Harbor
A state park covered 31 acres on the Detroit river with remarkable view of the Detroit river.

GM Plaza – General Motors Headquater
It is the world  headquarter for General Motors. The front empty space often becomes focal point for the public to gather and meet up. Going inside the Renaissance Center, there was some exhibition and events. I got my meal in the Renaissance Center in the food court, recommend for the soup selling stall, tasted really good.

The building was too tall that required panorama for full shot.
Captured with panorama shot
Cosplay event nearby
Nice view from the GM Renaissance Center inside


Hart Plaza
With some interesting monuments.

Joe Louis’s fist
“Transcending” monument at Hart Plaza. Looks like a connecting portal to the other universal.


West Riverfront
There was nothing much along the river.
Some nice shot of the riverfront.


Recommend time to spend: 3 ~ 4 hours
The walk from the east to the west riverfront took around 1 hour. Chilling around in the GM plaza might take you some time as there was interesting stuff exhibited such as cars.

Car park:
You can get to the car park around GM plaza.




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