Traveling to Michigan – part 1

After spending few days in Chicago I took a flight and went to Michigan for next training course. The impression of Michigan city I have is that it is the city of automobile which all the big car maker’s headquarters are located here. That’s why I visited and going to share with you my trip to Henry Ford.

Traveling in US suburb area, it is recommend to rent a car as the attractions, downtown are scattered here and there far away with each other. Also the public bus looked gruesome. I had used Hertz rental car service and got myself a brand new Nissan Versa 2016.img_1565

I took some time to gain some confidence of driving as I had not been driving for almost 5,6 years! Moreover it was my first time driving  on the right side of the road. Thank god I’m still alive!

Anyway… back to the Henry Ford, it is an indoor outdoor museum complex which is located in Dearborn city, nearby Detroit city. It is super huge that it offers 3 attractions and each of them are large! It took me a morning and an afternoon to finish visiting 2 attraction over there.

The Henry Ford Museum
Price: $10 USD
It shows not only cars but also the history of the evolution of car industry, agriculture, plane, evolution of entertainment and living of US household, photography exhibition of car motel in US. It was a great place to learn and explore for … kids! It was quite some fun to hang around in this museum.


Greenfield Village
Price: $25 USD
It is an outdoor history museum which exhibits the past american living and buildings. Many original historical buildings were moved to here and arranged as a village, one of them is the Thomas Edison’s lab! There was also farm house with lamb, horse and cows living inside. You can even take a ride on the horse cart to wander around the village.
It was really a different experience to learn the American historical customs through such outdoor exhibitions.


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