Day trip in Chicago, US.

I had been on business trip to Illinois state, US and managed to get myself a day with colleagues to visit the downtown with nickname of “windy city”, Chicago.

Places to visit:
Millennium Park:The first location we headed once we got out from the car park. It is a nice park with tons of things to see. There was “The Bean” or Cloud Gate, which is a large sculptures with a seamless oval shape and the texture is like a polished steel and it reflects the city skyline.
There was also Jay Pritzker Pavilion which is a performance stage. There was cool surround sound system hanging on the top and back. It hosts free music performance and concerts.
There are more attractions but we did not have enough time to explore them. Leave them to be explored next time!

Magnificent Mile: A shopping district where you can find most of the shops with common brand. Along the street, there are some nice view of the neighborhood and buildings. I had spent few hours walking and check out the shopping items.

Navy Pier: It is one of the attraction in downtown. Too bad that I went there without knowing what it is and just to meet up with the rest of the members for next location.

River Cruise Sightseeing: Some of the members went for city cruise sightseeing. I think it is a good alternative for sightseeing the city, chilling in the cruise without walking few kilometers. Here are some nice view on the bridge:

Some miscellaneous photo of nice view in the city:

Since we came to the kingdom country of fast food, how could we miss the famous pizza there? Recommend the Chicago Stuffed pizza. It was a very thick, stuffed with awesome ingredients, super cheesy and yummy crust pizza. Look for yourself!
MOAR? Nah~

We also had burgers and it really tasted very good, better than the McD, KFC in Singapore. The ingredients were very fresh.


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