Cheap food hunting in Dotonbori, Osaka

Yes, they are typical but irresistible because they taste good! Before jumping into the food let’s have overview of the location. Dotonbori is a very busy street in Osaka at night. It is like the Myeongdong, Seoul, crowded with tourists, many shopping buildings and the most attractive thing – the food! We started our food hunt with instinct because it was totally unplanned.

Here, I’d like to share what we had and what we saw.

1. Takoyaki


This is on the top of the list. It is like the city iconic food in Osaka. You will find it annoying especially when you walk for few steps more, another takoyaki shop appears again in front of you. What makes it annoying is that because this takoyaki looks even more yummy and cheaper than the one you had finished a few seconds ago!

The takoyaki was steaming hot, I had to poke a hole to let it cool down. (a new technique to enjoy a takoyaki which let me swallow the whole takoyaki and had them melted inside my mouth)


There were super long queue at this shop


The takoyaki from Dontoburi tasted undoubtedly excellent than the others, especially from Seoul (they suck). Make sure you have a bite of them in Dontoburi.

Price: 8 for 450円

2. Gyoza
Gyoza is the fried chinese dumpling stuffed with minced pork and vegetables.  One side was crispy  while the another side was soft. (Same as taiwan) We had tried the gyoza from Osaka Ohsho(大阪王将) and it tasted wonderful especially the minced pork!


You can easily find Osaka Ohsho. It is everywhere in Osaka.

Price: 5 for 200円

3. Ramen
You will not be satisfied with only takoyaki and gyoza. Hence we hunted the ramen in Dontonburi. This ramen was the shoyu ramen (soy sauce) with pork slices. The soup had a strong meat flavour but little bit salty. Overall, it is worth to try.


Queuing to buy coupon from vending machine and then queuing for seats.

Price: 980円
Shop: Four Heavenly King

4. Tsukemen (つけ麺)

Well, we had this different type of ramen not in Dontoburi but around the Umeda Station. The shop is called  “ramen – araumadou” (らーめん あらうま堂).

It is served with a bowl of soup and a plate of noodles (you can choose 160g or 320g) and a boiled egg.  By observing the people beside our table, we learnt the method of enjoying it.

First, get the noodles with chopstick. Then dip them into the soup for few times. Lastly suck the noodle up loudly! There are other ingredients in the soup such as pork slices, mushroom, onion and etc. It tasted really good.

Googling the shop, turns out it is quite famous in Osaka and Kyoto!


Price: ~ 900円
Shop: ramen – araumadou 

5. Roasted Pork Fried Rice (烧豚チャーハン)
From the same shop above, it is the fried rice (pronounced as chiya-han) served with roasted pork. It is the fried rice version of roasted pork rice in Malaysia/Singapore. I believe it was fried with flavourful and rich pork oil making it smell really seductive. The roasted pork was very tender, in fact, the fat melted immediately when I put them in my mouth. A surprise finding from the hunt.


Price: 650円

6. Chu Cream
A meal could not be considered the end without the dessert. So we walked from Dontoburi straight to the Namba and Shinsaibashi. Along the journey, we found this special chu cream.


They have flavours of banana, green tea, chocolate and we had cream flavour. The crust was crunchy and smelled like baked coffee. The filling was the creamy and it was so creamy that it burst like volcano once you bite it.

Price: 200円
Shop: hop chou a la creme

7. Ice-cream from Choco Cro (サンマルクカフェ)
IMG_2052 (2)

We did not try this one but it looked very temptating. This cafe shop (Choco Cro) is located at the shinsaibashi market.

Shop: Choco Cro サンマルクカフェ

There were more than these along Dotonburi but our capacity wasn’t enough to fill them up. Please leave comments if you have your favourite cheap and tasty food in Dotonburi in mind.


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