Things to see in Frankfurt – Stadel Museum

One of the famous national historical art museum. It has 3 floors to be explored. The art pieces are ranged from 1600 till 2000 years. There some bizarre modern art piece at the basement floor.

Like other art museum, it shows the European arts and the history. From Christianity subjects, rise of culture in Antwerp, transition of art activity to Frankfurt, until the photography evolution to become a medium of art.

It was not very big which might take 1 hour or less to visit all the displays. There are numbers on each display rooms therefore you can just simply follow the numbers to start your tour. Some famous piece has English descriptions on the wall.

Recommend to kill your time here! XD


Painting about the crucify of Jesus, note there are some wiped figure at the left bottom.


Naked portrait on 17th century.IMG_3579



The Mocking of Latona

Latona, Jupiter’s mistress, is prevented from slaking her thirst by some peasants. She cursed the peasants, who at once turn into frogs.


The exorcist on 19th century where the priest pulling the unknown creature.






IMG_3584 IMG_3585

phonograph of Hitler’s portrait.





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