Food I had in Amsterdam

This is the special post only about food I had taken in Amsterdam.

1. Dutch? beef and salmon steak First meal in the dutch land. Wandering around the Ustrechstaart for 30 minutes and finally enter the restaurant. Cost around €24. The flavor of beef and salmon are playful around your tongue and taste better with the sauce. Quite a new experience for the combination of meat and fish.IMG_3416 IMG_3415


2. Pesto Beef sasage sandwitch and expresso machiato First breakfast at somewhere near Rijmuseum. Cost €5.75. Fresh vege and juicy sausage. Great bite of the pesto bread too.


3. Mixed fish grill and cappuccino A small traditional dutch coffee shop along the road where the Van Gogh Museum is. Special price for the fish, €12.95. Coffee was around €2.50 Great taste of the grilled fish, juicy yet cruncy outside. Sauce is awrsome too. Potato chip was nice.


4. Bologene pasta a pasta in Vapiano building. Ordered food directly from the chef by accustomizing to your own preference and pay everything with the postpaid card they give. €8.99 for the pasta. Taste thick cheesy and rich tomato flavour with the minced beef in between. Quite a portion for myself. Struggling to finish them all.


5. Big ass shared ribs with barbeque sauce. Hopped in a fast food cafe beside the road. Sitting outside the road and eating while many passed by. Cool feeling though as if this is how the angmo enjoy their meal. 15.50 for ribs and coffee. Really a big ass size. The meat felt quite good when chewing it. But it was hard to cut off the meat from the bones. Nice capuccino and the fries with the whitey sauce. Excellent sauce indeed.


6. Salad, roasted chicken leg and banana juice

It was from the local chained food court “la place” in V&D shopping centre.

Total cost of €17. IMG_3509


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