First day in Amsterdam – Arrival

After 20 hours of flight journey I eventually made it for the first time.
The sky over the cloud are blue so does my mood to explore the unknown city.


So I took a quick glance around the airport, bought train ticket to amsterdam centraal. All the signs on the train platforms are in Dutch so have to be smart not to take the wrong train which bring you outside of the city.

After reaching amsterdam centraal, it took me some times to learn how to take tram to the hostel. It was quite hard to understand as there are no route map from GVB. Luckily the map from the cocomama hostels is helpful to get to know which tram to take.


Canal ring. The first and the most you can see once you walk around the city.


Some are having party like the one in the yacht with loud music, bottles of champagne and barbecues!DSC_0483DSC_0490DSC_0501

Street views along the Utrechtsestrat.DSC_0504DSC_0506

Bikers with handy skills. Don’t mess with them as they can crush you with the bikes!DSC_0510DSC_0516DSC_0519DSC_0533DSC_0558

Hot spot for beers and Indonesian restaurant area. A lot of people lying on the grass taking their time. That is what they do on the park, find a spot, set the cloth on the grass, turn on the mini boombox, drink the whole bucket of beers, having fun with each others.DSC_0529



This was how my first day start! Hallo, goedamiddag!


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